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Great for solopreneursand companies with less than 10 videos

  • 50 GB Bandwidth per Month
  • 50¢ Per Extra GB of Bandwidth
  • 10 Videos Stored for Free


For small to mediumsized businesses that care deeply about speed

  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • 33¢ Per Extra GB of Bandwidth
  • 50 Videos Stored for Free

Vid Master

For the data-drivenstar marketer with lots of videos and traffic

  • 400 GB Bandwidth
  • 25¢ Per Extra GB of Bandwidth
  • 100 Videos Stored for Free

Real Users, Real Results

Billion Dollar Marketer LOVES Vidalytics

“The simple fact that Vidalytics autoplays on the latest Safari & Chrome as well as mobile phones, bumped my conversions. This is why I use Vidalytics for all of my Video Sales Letters.”

Jon Benson • Billion Dollar Marketer & Inventor of the Video Sales Letter

595,000 Viewers Prove Vidalytics Converts Better Than Any Other Player

“Good news! We split tested 595,000 sessions of different players and we couldn’t beat Vidalytics :)”

Matej Bester • Golden Tree Nutrition

49% Bump Thanks to Vidalytics’ Mobile Autoplay

“Vidalytics’ Mobile Autoplay and Restart On Unmute bumped my conversion rate by 49%. I’m never leaving Vidalytics!”

Brent Messer •

Destroyed Wistia in Split Test

“I split tested Vidalytics against Wistia and it destroyed them. Vidalytics works so well I almost didn’t want to tell anyone about it because it is such a competitive advantage.”

Braun Miller •

Secret Weapon for 8 Figure Copywriter

“Vidalytics is my secret weapon for troubleshooting VSLs so that I can increase conversions. It’s turned what I thought were duds into high converting offers.”

Andrew Contreras • 8 Figure Copywriter

In 20 Years Nothing Beats Vidalytics

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve used ALL of the other video platforms — JW Player, Flowplayer, Vimeo, Wistia, Youtube and nothing compares to the power and insights that Vidalytics gives you. It is hands down the best.”

Sam Robbins • HFL Solutions

Now I know Exactly Why My Videos Are Converting

“I can NOT afford to have the videos in my funnel be “black holes” where I don’t know what is happening. Before, it was just a guessing game. Now, thanks to Vidalytics, I know exactly where and how my videos are converting. Making it easy to get better conversions.”

Philip Meese • Critical Margin Digital

Dream Tool for Conversion Rate Optimizers

“We’ve been using Vidalytics for a while and absolutely love it. Its mobile features alone are worth switching. Not to mention it converts better than other players, its analytics are on-point and it’s the fastest video player I’ve tested. I highly recommend them for your marketing videos.”

Justin Christianson • Co-Founder & President, Conversion Fanatics

Go to Tool for Online Course Creators

“Vidalytics provides so much value at the magical intersection of engagement, conversion, and insight. It's an essential tool in the stack for digital marketers and online course creators.”

Chris Badgett • CEO LifterLMS

Fastest Way to Profitability

“We used Vidalytics to test our new video. I don’t think we would have gotten so much profits without it. I am so impressed. Never going back.”

Angel Donovan •

Video Conversion Tracking is a Game Changer

“WOW!! Overlaying the conversion on the same graph is the missing piece, that is awesome.”

Bobby Hewitt • Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

“Vidalytics is unlike anything else on the market. It’s designed for online business owners. It’s the video conversions software you’ve wanted since you first started selling stuff online. It’s spectacularly awesome. Get it now.”

Chase Amante • (1M+ visitors per month)

Concierge Onboarding: Let Us Move Your Videos For You

Have a lot of videos to move? We’re here to help!

Consultants typically quote over $1,000 for this type of service, but we offer it absolutely FREE!

That being said, we offer the Concierge Migration service to any Enterprise account.

Simply sign up for your account above and then send in a message to our support saying you’d like us to move your videos for you.

We will then schedule an Onboarding Call to go over all the details of everything we will be importing into Vidalytics® and to answer any of your questions.

Freak Awesome Support that Actually “Gets” Marketing

Each One of Vidalytics’® support staff is extensively trained in Video Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization. We’re standing to help optimize your conversions with Vidalytics®.

Are you an Agency?

Contact us today to learn more about an Agency Partnership. You’ll be able to offer the best video marketing platform to your clients and make some serious coin at the same time.

Contact Us Now to Get a live One-on-One Demo of Vidalytics Agency Edition.

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Need More Firepower in an Enterprise Account?

No problem. We offer enterprise accounts that can handle millions of plays.

Contact us now to setup a live One-on-One Demo of Vidalytics® Enterprise Edition.

You May be Wondering…

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel anytime — either from your account page or by contacting us, and we’ll still be friends.

Can I downgrade or upgrade plans?

Oh yeah! Anytime you like — you got it. You can do this from your account page.

How do I know how much bandwidth I’ll use?

The easiest thing to do is take your average video size × your number of videos × number of plays. Make sure it is in GB and BAM! That is your bandwidth. We know this is kind of ghetto, so until Irek builds our bandwidth calculator, feel free to start a chat with us :)

However, you should be happily surprised that you use a lot less bandwidth with Vidalytics®, because we use true adaptive bitrate steaming.

Other platforms claim they use adaptive bitrate streaming, but really only do on a small portion of their video streaming. Which is dumb. We’re not dumb. We use it 100% of the time. This optimizes the size of your videos for each user, so they get the perfect size based on their internet connection speed.

This means your videos are always super fast and play seamlessly for your users with nearly no buffering ever. And you’ll save big on your bandwidth bill.

Can I store extra videos?

Yep, you can store as many videos as you want. Depending on your plan, storing extra videos can be free or cost a small charge of 25¢. This is all automatic. Just add ‘em and we’ll handle it.

Is it easy to use your analytics?

YES! Other analytic tools, like Google Analytics, are super confusing and overly-complex, because they were built by a commitee of technical people who tried to solve everyone’s wants, dreams and desires.

Vidalytics® is built for one person — the marketer.
Whether you’re doing branding, lead gen, straight sale, product explainer videos, training videos or even product content — we built Vidalytics® for you.

Because, when you’re a marketer, you care about very specific metrics. Not a billion, not even a 100. We put the dozen plus metrics that you need to make decisions about your marketing videos right at your fingertips.

And our UI is super sexy, incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Plus, we hold regular training webinars on using our software, so you get the most out of it and the latest tactics in video conversions.

Can I customize the way the Vidalytics® player looks and feels for my users?

Yep! You can change anything on the player — the colors of the foreground or background, remove or show any of the buttons. You can even enable auto-play, or disable pausing and seeking on your videos. It is totally awesome, you should try it.

Is your player responsive?

Yes! Vidalytics’® player is a lean HTML5 responsive player ready for any sized screen.

Will your videos play on any of my users’ devices?

Yes! Vidalytics® transcodes your videos into several different sizes and formats so they can play on any device anywhere in the world.

Do you use Adaptive Bitrate Streaming?

Oh yeah! This is where we chop up your video into hundreds of little pieces and feed a few chunks to your user at a time.

This 1) Saves you a ton on bandwidth. And 2) allows us to switch the size and quality midstream if your user’s connection slows down. So your users almost never see a buffering video of yours. Because when videos buffer, we all suffer.

How do I know my videos will always be up?

Because we care deeply about uptime. Nothing is more annoying than having traffic to your videos that don’t play. This is a common occurrence on even large video networks, but we’re dedicated to you — the marketer.

We have 3 CDNs which are constantly being optimized for speed. We will always serve your video from the fastest one, even if it is a matter of milliseconds.

Why? Because speed matters for conversions. Period.

Can I get cheaper bandwidth rates?

If you’re running a lot of volume (1 TB+), especially with a nasty competitor of ours, then we can definitely hook you up. Contact us here and we’ll customize the perfect plan for you.

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