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Vidalytics® allows you to have a thumbnail that no one sees unless they pause your video. Basically making it like an exit pop but for when your videos are paused.

If someone is pausing your video, they are likely going to bounce and not convert. This gives you a last ditch effort to grab their attention and bring them back into your sales message.

Since it is a thumbnail, it can be any color or text. You can even upload an animated gif to grab extra attention.

Want to grow your email list like crazy?

Play Gates allow you to do just that by having an opt in at any point in your video that prevents your viewers from watching anymore of your video until they opt in.

These can appear at any time. Meaning you can drop them right as the intrigue is at a maximum in your video, ensuring you get that email.

This nifty feature has been shown to increase engagement and conversions.

You even have the option to show them a message saying:.

“You’ve already started this video. Resume watching or start from the beginning”

This nifty feature has been shown to increase engagement and conversions.

Create a clickable button that appears on top of your video at any time you want.

As soon as your viewer is ready to take action, prompt them with an In Video Call to Action that takes them to the next step in your funnel.

These CTA buttons are tied to the actual time of the video playing, not the time on site. So, they only appear when they are supposed to, even if your viewers pause, rewind or skip your video.

Their colors, text and link destination are all customizable, including if you want the link to open in a new tab or not.

Tag your viewers in your CRM or email platform when they watch to a specific point in one of your videos.

Then, you can automate your marketing follow ups, personalized specifically for what they have already watched.

For example, if someone didn’t see the pricing info in your video, you can email it to them.

Or if they did see your pricing info and didn’t buy, you can send them a coupon — automatically.

CRM & Email Tagging is ideal for eCom stores, VSLs and online course creators… Or any other time you need to know who has watched a specific part of a video.

This advanced feature prevents your viewers from pausing your videos.

Disabling Pausing is ideal for automated webinars that are supposed to be “live”, because it makes it feel like a real event that can’t be paused mid-stream.

Jon Benson, the inventor of the VSL, said, “We tested again and again, and disabling pausing converts better every time”.

Smart Autoplay Means Higher Engagement and Conversions With the Click of a Button

The latest browsers are blocking autoplay with sound, which will destroy your conversion rate.

With Vidalytics’® Smart Autoplay, if a browser blocks your video from autoplaying with sound, it will be detected and it will play on mute.

Then, you can add an Autoplay Overlay and Unmute & Restart to make sure your viewers know the video is playing and can watch from the beginning with sound so they don’t miss a thing.

Want to increase your conversion rate by 49%?

Our Mobile Autoplay recently bumped the conversion rate for a Vidalytics® user by this much. Read the case study now.

When you have this enabled, all mobile viewers will see your video automatically playing inline (not full screen) and muted.

You can add an optional mobile Autoplay Overlay on top of the video that gets them to unmute. One tap anywhere on the video will unmute it.

You also have the option for the video to restart when it is unmuted and go full screen at the same time.

When Vidalytics® autoplays your videos on mute, for any reason, you have the option to add an Autoplay Overlay.

This is a totally customizable message that sits on top of your videos while they are playing (on mute) in the background.

The default text is “Your Video is Playing Click for Sound.”

But you can change this message to say anything you want.

Then, when anyone clicks or taps anywhere on the video, it unmutes.

You can even have different Autoplay Overlay messages for mobile and desktop.

When your videos play on mute in Vidalytics®, you have the option to have the video restart when it is unmuted.

This is a very powerful feature that helped bump NutraSmash’s conversion rate by 49%. Read the case study now.

This allows you to grab attention with Smart Autoplay and a flashing Autoplay Overlay, but still give your users a great experience by making sure they don’t miss a thing in your video while it was muted.

If you want a video to play on mute all of the time, then Vidalytics® has you covered.

You can force your videos to always autoplay on mute.

This, with Disabled Pausing and video looping, is ideal for background videos on your website’s hero.

You can also use this feature in place of animated GIFs — which are heavy and use a lot of bandwidth.

And you can use all the same autoplay features available in Vidalytics® for driving massive conversions. Things like Autoplay Overlays, Unmute & Restart and Go Fullscreen on Unmute.

The World’s First Video Conversion Tracking — See When Conversion Happen in Your Videos

Only Vidalytics® shows you where conversions happen inside of your videos — down to the second.

In your Vidalytics® Stats page you’ll see the exact moment when your buyers stopped watching and converted.

This tells you what parts of your videos are moving your prospects to buy. Which is like a treasure map for growing your conversions.

Without this, it’s impossible to tell if audience drop off is from bouncers or from people stopping your video before they purchase.

You can track any page on your site you want as a conversion. Just drop our conversion tracking snippet on it.

In Vidalytics® there is no limit to the number of conversions you can create and track.

You can track as many conversions as you want, and then see them separately in your Vidalytics® graphs.

This allows you to track as much (or as little) as you want in your business, such as opt ins, sales or upsells — and know with certainty how each one of your videos contributes to them and your bottomline.

Vidalytics’® proprietary ‘Smart Tracking’ only shows conversions on the right videos, which are the ones that were watched by someone before they converted — Not after.

This way, you get data you can trust, and you’ll know how each video contributes to your bottomline without any data pollution.

We’ll track your conversions no matter where your videos and thank you pages are hosted. Even if they are on totally different domains.

This is automatically part of the Vidalytics conversion tracking script, with no additional settings or changes required to the conversion script. Just set it and forget it.

While conversion rates and sales are important to track, the most important metric of all is always going to be revenue on investment — ROI.

And unless you have revenue on a per video basis, you can’t calculate ROI.

You can pass order totals to the Vidalytics’ conversion tracking script, which will tell how much revenue each of your videos has contributed.

Better Analytics / Better Insights / Better Conversions

Vidalytics® shows you second by second where your viewers are watching to in your videos. This simple, yet powerful metric tells you how effective your videos are at engaging your audience.

Want to know which parts of your video are engaging or boring?

Vidalytics’® Video Heatmaps of skips and rewinds show you exactly where your viewers are skipping or rewinding your videos.

This tells you which parts of your videos are boring, confusing or extra juicy.

Vidalytics’® Video Heatmaps are like a treasure map that show you the easiest ways for you to improve your videos and your conversions.

With the click of a button you can pull up any two video graphs to compare side by side inside of Vidalytics®.

As you mouse over one graph, it highlights the exact same spot on your other video.

It also shows you both sets of metrics for each video and the difference between them.

The Vidalytics® Compare View is an unrivaled competitive advantage for anyone who is split testing videos.

It can answer not just which video converts better, but why one is better, by easily identifying the differences between them. So you don’t miss a single insight from your video analytics.

Every time you log into Vidalytics®, the first thing you’ll see is your Video Marketing Dashboard with the most recently played videos, plays by time, top converting videos and conversions.

This makes it easy to always stay on top of your videos’ performance with all of the most important information right at your fingertips.

You can quickly jump to any of your videos’ stats by simply clicking their titles.

The Vidalytics® Stats graphs allow you to mouse over them to see the exact frame for any spot in your videos.

You can also click anywhere in the graph to start playing the video from that exact point.

This way you never have to worry about remembering every part of your video when you are checking out your Stats. Instead, you can just click any part of your graph for a quick refresher.

It sounds simple, but competitors, like Wistia, don’t allow you to change the date on your video metrics. Which is super lame.

Your video metrics will change over time, and unless you can look at different date ranges, then you’ll never be able to tell, let alone find out why.

This allows you to drill down on specific dates — which means you can see how certain campaigns performed or how your videos are doing since the beginning of time.

You don’t need to worry about your Vidalytics® data becoming polluted from team members watching your videos or placing orders.

Because you can simply filter out any unwanted plays and conversions from your Vidalytics® Stats by entering your IP addresses into your profile.

Plus, unlike major analytics platforms like Google Analytics, you can filter out your plays and conversions retroactively.

This is a life saver if you accidentally pollute your stats and only find out about it later.

Find the Pockets of Profitability in Your Videos

Vidalytics® allows you to drill down further into your videos’ performance than any other video platform, with Segments.

Segments allow you to see all of your videos’ analytics — like conversions, engagement, skips and rewinds — but just for specific groups of users.

You can filter your Vidalytics Stats by buyers vs. non-buyers, mobile, tablet or desktop, traffic source, first time viewers vs. repeat viewers, country or browser type.

Identifying which ones of your segments perform the best can make or break your profitability. Often times there can be huge differences between these groups of viewers, but you’ll never know without Vidalytics®.

With the ‘Converted’ Segment, you can see how your buyers and non-buyers watched your video differently.

This is like seeing inside the mind of your customers, because it shows you what part of your video was watched, skipped or rewound before your viewers converted.

This Segment will show you how your videos are performing when they’ve already been viewed once.

You’ll be able to tell how effective your videos are when you send traffic back to them via retargeting or email traffic. And, ultimately, if this is the best ROI for your business.

Let’s face it, watching a video on a phone is very different than on a 32” monitor. Your conversions and engagement won’t be the same for these two screen sizes.

Vidalytics® allows you to see how users on the different types of devices are watching, engaging, skipping, rewinding and ultimately converting from your videos.

Seeing how different countries are engaging and converting from your videos is important to maximize your ROI.

Different countries will have very different conversion rates, and this segment allows you to see exactly how much. Allowing you to cut unprofitable countries and double down on the ones driving profits for you.

Crappy browsers like Internet Explorer CONSTANTLY have bugs, leading to poor conversions... With the Browser Segment in Vidalytics you’ll be able to spot any issues early and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

Not all traffic converts the same —seeing your video’s metrics for each type will show you the most profitable traffic sources and which ones to cut.

With this segment, you can see how your videos are watched when the traffic source is Organic, Paid, Email, Social or Direct.

Vidalytics Is Totally Customizable To Match Your Brand & Make Your Videos Pop

You can completely customize the look and feel of the Vidalytics® player, so it looks exactly how you want.

You can change the color of the player with two color settings — foreground and background.

You can also hide any of the controls — such as the big play button, the seeking bar, volume, and the full screen option.

This way, your videos look and behave exactly how you want, and are perfectly at home on your website.

Setting a thumbnail in Vidalytics® is easy.

You can pick any frame from your video to be your thumbnail.

Or you can upload one of your own. Including animated Gifs that grab attention and help drive more clicks.

Nothing screams amateur like a YouTube video on a business website.

You’ll never have to worry about this with Vidalytics®, because you’ll have no branding on your player and you won’t have any related videos popping up at the end of your videos.

This keeps your videos looking professional and the focus on your brand. Which means high conversions.

Only in Vidalytics® can you have a different thumbnail just for your mobile visitors. Mobile traffic behaves differently, and thus you shouldn’t treat it the same. This advanced feature allows you to do just this.

When your videos end, you can redirect the entire page to an offer, pause on the last frame or make it loop, starting over from the beginning.

This is ideal to force your prospects through your funnel by redirecting the entire page to the next step.

If you’re an online course creator, you do NOT want your videos being swiped.

Vidalytics® helps protect your intellectual property with its Domain Whitelisting.

It will lock your videos down, so they only play on the domains you want. You just enter your website addresses into Vidalytics and we prevent people from stealing your hard work.

Vidalytics is Easy to Setup In Minutes

Vidalytics® is incredibly easy to set up. We take all of the tech headache off your hands.

Here is how to get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Just upload your video into our web interface,,
  2. Customize your video settings, like the color of the player and which playback options you want,
  3. Then, just drop your video Embed Code wherever you want your video on your site, and you're done!

In the background, we transcode your video into a half dozen formats and quality sizes and then store it on our CDN servers around the world.

Ready to play for your next visitor.

You can upload unlimited videos all at once… So you are not waiting a ridiculous amount of time to move your videos.

Anytime you want to change settings on one of your videos, all you have to do is make the change in Vidalytics® and then push it live instantly to your website by “Publishing” it.

This means you only have to embed your videos once, and never have to touch the embed codes on your site again.

Which is great news if you’re less technical and hate dealing with codes and scripts.

Plus, before you publish any of your changes to go live, you can preview them inside of Vidalytics® so you always know what they will look like first.

Want to easily share your videos with clients or the rest of your team without having to embed them on a web page?

Vidalytics® makes it easy with its Shareable Video Page. Each one of your videos automatically has one created for it.

You can easily send these links to anyone you want. Making for a huge time saver.

And if you don’t like the idea of your videos being on a sharable page, you can disable this feature inside of your account.

Most other video platforms cause your pages to be incredibly slow if you put more than one video on them.

But not Vidalytics®.

In Vidalytics® you have the option to select ‘Multiple Embeds’, which streamlines and prioritizes your videos, so you won’t experience any slow down on your pages.

This smart embed code prioritizes your main video so it loads superfast as usual, and then the rest of the videos load in the background without any slowdown for your users.

This is a critical feature for anyone with more than one video on a single page, because speed converts.

Vidalytics® gives you multiple embed types, including oEmbed.

Which is ideal for WordPress or Drupal.

It makes for easy embedding of your content into many types of web pages.

If you want the same video to behave differently on different pages, Vidalytics® has a time saver for you.

You can change the settings of your videos with URL parameters.

This is ideal for when certain traffic sources require different video settings, like no autoplay.

Blazing-Fast Beautiful Playback of Your Videos

With Vidalytics® you’ll get a gorgeous HTML5 responsive player, ready for any screen size on any device.

It is fast, lean, clean and gorgeous.

It is easy to modify and looks great on any site.

You never have to worry about it working across any device, from tiny phones to large screens.

Under its hood, Vidalytics® has cutting edge Adaptive Bitrate Streaming technology to make sure your videos practically never buffer.

Here is how it works:

If your viewers are on a slow connection, Vidalytics will serve them a lower quality version of your video, which is also smaller, so it plays normally on their connection, without any buffering.

This even happens automatically in the background, midstream while your viewer is watching your video, if their connection speed changes.

This means your videos will always be superfast on any internet speed, anywhere in the world.

Vidalytics® videos are served from 100s of top of the line CDNs around the world. These utilize the latest streaming technology, like QUIC and HTTP2, to ensure the fastest video playback speeds on the planet.

Thanks to the advanced bandwidth optimizations of Vidalytics, it uses less bandwidth than most video platforms.

And it is never rounded. Meaning you always get a low, affordable bill.

Lean code, fast playback, huge conversions… Vidalytics® is built lean because speed matters for conversions.

Freaking Awesome Support

Vidalytics® will never leave you hanging. From using all of the advanced features in Vidalytics® to maximizing your video conversions.

Anything you need, we’re here to help.

Our team includes video editors, videographers and 7-figure video marketers. So any question you have, we can handle.

All Paid plans come with chat and email support. Enterprise plans come with phone support and a dedicated Account Manager.

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